Duluth garage door repair

When it comes to garage door repair our company becomes the topic of conversation. We are one of the only companies that work 7 days a week. We do this for the convenience of our customers. We work around the clock so no matter when they are available we can help.

Excellent online customer reviews

We thrive off our excellent online customer reviews as well as word of mouth advertising. Our company understands how important customer satisfaction is. This is one of the reasons why we always give our customers the highest quality of services in the state. Give us a call today and ask us about our same day services at no additional costs!

Highest qualified technicians

Here at D&L we strive to become the top service provider in the state. We do this by hiring only the highest qualified technicians and mold them to our standards. Our technicians go through extensive training processes as well as multiple classes to further their knowledge. They are all licensed, bonded and insured to ensure our customers they are always protected.

Professional Garage Door Team

Whether you are in need of minor repairs or need a major installation our team of professionals will be able to help with ANYTHING. Simply call us and our office staff will be able to guide you through services.

Providing you the best service

We know how stressful having a broken door may be. However, with using our services our customers are always at ease. D&L’s main goal is to provide our customers with the perfect service. Our company accomplishes this by hiring qualified individuals and giving them proper training. As well as offering same day service and actually providing the repairs unlike other companies who only provide “patch jobs”. Give us a call today for services, we are always available!

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